Monday, July 28, 2008

Surprise visitor

I received a call from my mom who is on a mission in Germany. I knew something was up because its not Christmas or Mothers Day. Sure enough she called to tell me that she broke her wrist and they are sending her home to rehap. She is staying at my house and I get to be her nurse. She will probably be here for 6 to 8 weeks and then either go back to Germany or get reassigned somewhere state side. Never a dull moment at the Pulsipher house. Tyler is thrilled to see his Oma (grandma in German). They have a great bond. She won't take her nametag off because she says "I'm still on my mission." I guess that means I'm her companion!


The Martin's said...

You know I love your mom!! My kids ask about her all the time! I am so sorry she has to come home. Hope all goes well. Oh and by the way your kids are so beautiful! I can't believe they are so old...eeekk!

mpal said...

Great blog! Too bad about your mom's arm. But how nice to have her around for a little while. Loved the American Idol Report - too fun