Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter Formal dress

Today Lauren and I shopped for her winter formal dress. This is quite a milestone for her because last year she borrowed dresses from her older sister. They were all beautiful dresses and we had them altered to fit her. She's about 7 inches shorter and has narrower shoulders. She asked if she could get her own dresses for her senior year. My answer was, "if we can find some reasonably priced ones then yes." She did some pre shopping last week and found one that she thought would work. She decided that she wanted either a red or black dress and she wanted it to be long. We went to Dillard's in San Tan and found the winning dress. I'm not surprised that we found it at Dillard's because after searching for dresses with Nicole, Dillard's always seemed to have the best selection, the most modest dresses, the only cover ups around and the best prices.

Its a long red sleeveless dress. We are having cap sleeves put on it by our friend Ann Bowen. (She made the girls Synchro suits that Lauren designed in a previous post.) The plan is to use the excess fabric from the bottom of the dress. There should be enough to use. I hope. Stay tuned for the finished product.

When we got home from shopping I see Tyler and Daddy reading a story together. I notice that its a book I didn't buy and find out that Randy stopped off at DI and bought 20 kids books that he wanted to read with Tyler. Boy, I love that man!


Barbara said...

What a good daddy! Does Tyler think that Christmas has already come?

Lisa said...

Tyler was so happy he wanted more and more stories. Randy ended up reading him 5 books.