Saturday, March 28, 2009

pig out

Our ward had a fun activity called the pig out at the park. There was a chili, bread and cookie contest. A tug of war, face painting, 3 legged races, football, soccer, a ball pit jumper, a ton of other fun stuff and a hot dog eating contest. Andrew ate 4 1/2 hot dogs minus some throwing up. Gross! The winner ate 6 hot dogs I think.

Shawn Hilton wearing black in the middle of the table won!

looking good!

oh no that doesn't look good!

back in business!

It was pretty funny to watch. You definitely have to be a teenage boy to want to be in a contest like that.


Ann Marie said...

Anything being consumed in masses makes me feel ill.
Definately a teenage boy thing!

KC Mom said...

Oh my gosh! We just went to Disneyland recently too and had the best time! I think it was worth waiting until our kids were old enough to really appreciate it and love it!