Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Busy as usual at our house.

- getting carpets cleaned as I write this.
- twins pictures are scheduled for this Friday.
- Randy moved his office upstairs.
- painted pink and green striped walls back to white.
- old office downstairs will be a food storage/play room combo.
- Tyler has enjoyed the pool along with the cousins.
- Andrew went on a super activity camp-out to Roosevelt Lake for a week.
- He has put in a lot of job applications but can't find a job.
- Ready to do his Eagle project..just got the donated wood delivered.
- Lauren has been working as a Synchro coach/Life guard.
- Driving her all over since she killed the car a few months back and I won't let her drive my new car.
- Heather is anxious to get contacts soon.
- She's been playing a lot with her friends... oh I mean hanging out with them.

We've had some beautiful sunny days and evenings. Not too hot yet but I know its coming. I love my AC, my water and my sun glasses.


KC Mom said...

Busy, but sounds good!

Ann Marie said...

Isn't there always something to do?

Why did you repaint over the stripes? ( confession.. I'm not a stripe fan.. ) but I'm curious..

I want a pool! Jealous!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
I'm off to camping in the rain! :0

Lisa said...

Ann- we painted over the pink and green stripes because that room went from being my daughter's bedroom to my hubby's office. His old office is hunter green that I'm thinking of changing to a tabacco brown.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Sounds like a fun summer. And I can't believe it has stayed this cool for so long! It was fun to drive into town and now get hit by a heat wave!

Rebecca Talley said...

There's always something to do, huh? No matter how much I get done each day, there's always more to do.

Sounds like you'll be plenty busy.

Lori Nawyn said...

I'd love to be getting my carpets cleaned--woohoo!!