Sunday, March 14, 2010

Movie reviews

I've seen a few movies in that last few weeks. Some in the theatre and some on DVDs. Some I recommend and some not so much.

Invictus: I saw this at the dollar theatre which turned out to be a smart choice. I was disappointed. I like sports movies but not this one. I really thought that it would be better with Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman in it but no. It was slow and just not good.

The Time Traveler's Wife
: Really dumb, not very romantic and just strange. So glad I didn't spend lots of money in the theatre for it. It's a shame because I really liked her in the Notebook.

2012: I picked this one up on DVD because I thought husband would like it. It actually was good, well acted and exciting. I wish that we saw it in the movie theatre because it would be great on a big screen.

Avatar: I didn't want to see it. Husband had to beg me. I thought I wouldn't like it because I hate all that science fiction stuff. When everyone was crazy about Lord of the Rings I just couldn't watch it. Hated it. So I went into it thinking the worst.....But I really loved it. So good and would love to see it again. I even liked the 3D glasses.

Dear John: It was sweet and romantic,kinda sad and very similar to the Notebook but not as good. It was good though, very emotional I cried.


Ann Marie said...

Reading your reviews.. I can see we are very much alike movie wise.. so I will skip the first ones and try Avatar and Dear John.

I saw the Time Trevelers wife and was VERY disapointed. I LOVE-LOVE Rachel McAdams.. and it was not good to me.

Thanks for the reviews!

Cherie said...

I think we are also alike movie wise. I still have not seen Avatar because I do not like sci-fi and did not like Lord of the Rings - ick but maybe I will have to try it.
I read Dear John and hear the movie was OK. The book was OK too.
The Time Travelers Wife - I read the book and it was an interesting story but the "F" word was in there way too much. I should have put it down. So I was worried that the movie would have langauge too.
I liked 2012 although it was hilarious how unrealisitic it was but the special effects were awesome.
Thanks for the reviews I always like to see what others think - especially when we have the same taste!
Have a gREAT Day!

Garden of Egan said...

I may have to see a few of those. I only saw Avatar. I'm still not sure how I felt about it.

Joy For Your Journey said...

It was interesting to read your reviews. I really liked Invictus except for the language which was totally unnecessary. Dear John I thought was sweet, and 2012 was very entertaining, but a bit far fetched--but if you suspent reality it is a fun movie to watch. I am like you and hated Lord of the Rings and haven't seen Avatar yet, but people in my family who did loved it. Since you liked it as well, I will have to give it a try.

Annie said...

ITA with all your reviews!