Sunday, March 21, 2010

She's engaged

It's true. Lauren is engaged to be married to Travis Whiting. He proposed last week up at school where they met. What was that line....ring by spring or your money back. I chuckled about that when I first heard it...
Actually and in all seriousness I am so happy for them. I know she's young, she knows she's young but it's right. A mother wants the best for her daughter and Travis is the best. They just go together. So I'm a happy mom. It will be a crazy summer as we prepare for a wedding. If you are interested in their story in her own words go to her blog at Peace.Love.Lauren. Below are a few pictures they took. She posted more on facebook but in case you aren't her "friend" here are some. He is an RM, served in Hungary, and is from Idaho. His hair is really blonde, she colored it for him and it's starting to fade.


Ann Marie said...


What a fun time for you!!
My cousin Married a Carl Whiting.. and they have family in IDaho... Hmm.. I wonder if they are related?! I'll have to ask my cousin!

Your daughter is so darling!
I am HAPPY for you!! And a big Congratulations to Lauren! WOOT!

PS: My little sister married at 18... and we were all shocked.. but it was good. When Mr. Right comes along.. it happens! :)

Lauren said...

Love you mommy!

Cherie said...

I have been waiting for this announcement I knew it wasn't far away!!! Yahooo and Congratulations!!! They are so SO darling together!!!
And an Idaho boy - Way to go!! I am excited that I may get to meet you (hee hee).
Do they have a date yet?

Joy For Your Journey said...

I wrote you a comment on facebook when I saw the announcement a few hours ago. Wow. Weddings are fun to plan. I would like to have a few more myself--for my kids, of course. When was he in Hungary? My sister's best friend served there and we have a boy from our ward there now.

Garden of Egan said...

It will be a busy summer.
I think Idaho boys are OK!
I love the pictures. She's a beautiful girl.

Nicole said...

I am so happy for her! You will make an awesome mother in law.

Lisa said...

Ann- we soo could be related :)

Lauren- right back at you sweetie pie!

Cherie- The wedding date is August 7th in the Mesa temple and August 21st in Kuna. I would LOVE to see you there! :)

Lori- He came home last summer from Hungary. He really is a blonde though the pictures don't show it.

Tauna- just OK I was hoping for GREAT hehe

Lisa said...

Nicole can you believe it. I'm gonna be a mother-in-law!

Suzanne said...

Hooray for Lauren! What an awesome proposal story! Darling couple! Weddings are so exciting and fun to have. Meh, I got engaged and married at 19 and I have never thought it was too early. Congratulations Lisa on such a wonderful and exciting event! Congratulations to Lauren, he sounds like a keeper! Have a wonderful day! -Suzanne

Momza said...

Congratulations! You saw this coming!
Each of my married kids' spouses are from Idaho--Tisha's from Burley and Mr. Idaho is from Boise.
Great people!!
So happy for you all!

Pedaling said...

so fun!
looking forward to many wedding planning posts!

Da Bergs said...

What a darling couple!!! CONGRATS!!! Love the pics! So, WHEN is the wedding? What are her colors?? How exciting!