Sunday, May 23, 2010

Temple Dedication

Today we went to the Gila Valley Temple dedication. Wonderful to see the prophet and hear him dedicate the 3rd temple in Arizona. Two more are scheduled to be built in Phoenix and in Gilbert.

I love where I live. Temples abounding and no snow! How can you not be happy when everyday the sun is shining. Okay it will be 110 degrees for a month but then I'll live in the pool or stay put in my air conditioned house. Instead of being snowbound I'll be sunbound. (Or hey have a wedding in that month and scare off our new Idaho family. Apparently, that's how we roll.) I apologize to any and all members of the Whiting Family in advance. My suggestion was for a December wedding with an outdoor reception. The lovebirds couldn't wait that long....oh to be crazy in love!

- Today is my sister Monika's birthday. Love you girl.

- We went to see Ironman yesterday. We held hands so it was romantic. (you need to read yesterday's post to understand that) It was good if you like that shoot it up, fighting kind of stuff. I still want to see Letters to Juliet but it might have to be a girls night. Who's up for a movie?


Lesa said...

I talked my husband into going to Letters to Juliet last night. Loved the movie and he won't admit it but my husband liked it also.

Garden of Egan said...

Hey if you have weather that hot I'll come to the girls night out with ya!!!!
It snowed here yesterday.

Don't know where your Idaho family lives but I'm about sick to death of this Rexburg weather. Someone forgot to turn on the Spring switch.

Glad you had a date with the hubs and held hands. Sometimes the get away is the best part, who cares where.

Lara said...

Having grown up 8+ hours away from the nearest temple, it is so exciting to me how temples are becoming more and more accessible to the people.

Jana said...

Thank-you for you sweet words on my blog.

Guess where I served a mission? Arizona AND I just saw Letters to Juliet and really liked it, it was sweet.

Are all of these a coincidence or is "someone" wanting us to be blogging friends :)

Have a great day!!!