Monday, May 24, 2010

TV shows

I love the way Lost ended. Even though I didn't get every question answered I liked the way the shows characters ended up. Thank goodness, I hate a bad ending. Here's another favorite show of mine that was showcased on a great home blog. Enjoy here.

Did you like Gilmore Girls too?


Saimi said...

Never seen Gilmore Girls, but I do love to watch Modern Family!

Glad Lost had a good ending for you!

Garden of Egan said...

I never did get into either of them.
Glad you got some questions answered though.
I thought Jack was cute. My daughter was way into Lost.

Ann Marie said...

I'm glad you were satisfied.

The show was so good in the early seasons.. and a few of the later ones I have struggled to watch. When they said this was the last season.. I started back watching every week hoping they would solve the puzzle of the show.

I loved the ending seeing the past characters.. and Jack Sacrificing himself for the Island.. but didn't like that it brought up EVEN MORE questions than we had before!

Last night my husband coundn't sleep after we stayed up till after midnight watching it. He had all sorts of questions.. and today after thinking about it.. I have come to the conclusion that maybe they want us all to feel "LOST"..

Who knows.. but I'm disapointed...