Thursday, April 5, 2012

Favorite Things (part 2)

It was great hearing what other people's  Favorite Things were.  I would love to do another party and this time have everyone bring 5 different things so we could learn even more from each other.  I also wish I could have invited even more people.  Maybe next time!  Here is a list of what  people brought to the party.

lip gloss (from Victoria Secret)
hand creme
gardening gloves with seed packets
magazines (Food Network, Taste of Home, Self)
nail polish
m&ms (sealed in a canning jar)
lint brush
baby wipes
hair flowers (but not for the hair. You had to be there.)
manicure tools
peanut m&ms
and for some reason I can't remember Karen's.  I remember what she was going to bring, chocolate covered acai berries from Costco but she didn't bring those she brought something else.  My memory!  I'm getting old.

now for a list of some of my favorite things/products

(from left to right starting in the back)

Sweet Temptation Body Splash from Victoria Secret
Loreal Elnett hair spray
Japanese cherry blossom body cream from Bath & Body Works
Suave dry shampoo
awapuhi blow-out spray
Tone Cocoa Butter Mango splash body wash
Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner
Murad face cleaners (orange- for dark spots, green- younger skin)
shelter tinted sunscreen for the face
Garnier Fructis anti-frizz serum
Garnier anti-dark-circle roller
hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works (always in my bag)
Ped Egg
Bert's Bees lip shimmers (always in my bag)
bareMinerals make up
round brush
small notebook (always in my bag)
(from left to right)
Kosher salt
Pam cooking spray
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
containers for taking dinners (always on hand)
Laura Scudder's peanut butter
garlic salt (I put it on vegetables)
Best Life butter spread
Weight Watchers cream cheese
Carpet stain remover (got it at Home Depot)
Pine Sol (love the smell)
Cascade dishwashing tabs
California scents car scents air freshener (for the bathroom)
thin bagels
potato peeler

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